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Design, strategy & illustration for brands, but mostly for people


About me

Ever seen a heroic figure on a unicorn riding into the sunset? Me neither, but I did just create that image in your head. And since I'm in your head now, I might as well introduce myself: my name is Wouter (pronounced wow-ter). I am a graduated graphic designer with:

  • A knack for typography

  • Affinity for illustration

  • A preference for teamwork

  • A huge interest in changing human behaviour for the better

  • A riveting passion for compassion

  • A hard-wired drive to move

  • And apparently a way with words

Oh and a lot of my clients say that through my empathy, I can get to the core of a problem fairly quickly. Nice folks, my clients.

Awards? Yeah, so I won a drawing contest about domestic violence when I was about 10-11 years old. My take away on that? Making beautiful things without a meaningful and powerful idea is nothing more than a form of decoration. The work needs to get under the skin. Meaning: with the use of drama, humor and everything in between. Content is king, but it's a start to finish project. 

For the past 4+ years I've worked on a good amount of stuff, including campaigns, brands, identities websites, animations and there's been a shift to more socially engaged subjects so there's a lot more stuff to come. 

When I'm not making (meaningful) stuff I spend my time training and coaching others at my local crossfit box, being mediocre at extreme sports and playing the game of 'I've already seen every movie ever'.

I'm always on the lookout for collaborations. Have a great idea? Want to debate the beauty thing wit me? Or do you just want to convince me that Start Trek is better than Star Wars? Shoot me a text by pressing the button below!


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